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ASGM Technologies

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Meet the Team

Adam Goldsmith


Managing Director


Adam is the founder of the ASGM Group with over 15 years in the IT sector working closely with educational establishments and SME’s allowing ASGM Technologies to provide a wide range of services and support levels to its customers. 


Daniel Caves


Audio and Visual Manager


Daniel AKA Dan has vast experience with in the audio and visual sector from planning to installation all the way to training on how to use the systems Dan has over 18 years in the AV sector. 

James Mullooly


Logistics Manager 


James has held various positions managing and looking after logistics in a wide range of settings. With James at the helm we can be sure our products are delivered on time and safely. 

Amanda Myers


Finance  Manager 


Amanda AKA Mandy has ensured ASGM has continued its financial growth over the last few years taking the lead on invoicing, credit control and budgets to ensure we can continue to grow and enable us to offer our products and services at the most competitive price. 

William Carr


Technical Apprentice 


William AKA Will is still at school and working for ASGM in his spare time helping with deployments. Along the way Will is learning valuable IT skills as well as interpersonal skills. His future at ASGM is promising as he continues to grow and flourish. 

Alfie Goldsmith


 Chief  Security woofficer

Alfie takes care of our day to day security on the site and makes sure all food is safe to eat, in my view a key part of the team.